Boxing and healthy living

Living a healthy life with boxing

Boxing is one of the most physically challenging sports around. While the idea of getting knocked around in a ring doesn’t sound like fun ( or healthy either) boxing is in fact, one of the best forms of body exercise you can try out.

Physical activity in any form is a lot better than living a sedentary life. Of course, not everyone wants to get into the ring and fight. But luckily you can still do some boxing exercise routines and benefit immensely from the effects of the workout on your body without having to spar with anyone in a ring. Boxing can put your body in better shape than it has ever been and transform your health and wellness drastically. Here are some of the ways boxing can influence healthy-living:

Training your muscles: any activity that requires you to move around is good for you. Even more particularly, activities that place a demand on your muscles helps to train them and make them better and stronger. During boxing exercises, you are constantly moving around and swinging your arms (either at a punching bag or at the air). this helps to build stronger muscles in the long run. Your lower body is exercised as well as boxing involves a lot of poses and moving around.

Tone your body: obesity is one of the biggest health issues of the modern world. Being overweight is typically associated with a lot of health issues some of which are life-threatening. Training like a boxer can help solve this problem. Boxers can burn as much as 30 calories for ever minute they train. This means you could burn as much as 900 calories with just 30 minutes of a boxing workout. Of course, not everyone wants to lose fat, Boxing still works for you even if you are not overweight and you just want a generally more toned body.

Boxing is a form of aerobic conditioning: boxers don’t only swing their hands. They move around a lot too. Such sports places a demand on your lungs and heart and that comes with a lot of health benefits. Healthy cardiovascular is precious. It will improve your overall health and dare I say, increase your life expectancy.

It is good for your mind: ever seen anyone punch at a bag out of frustration, anger or stress It might not look like its doing any good but boxing can actually help relieve the body of stress. Studies have shown that dopamine is released during boxing and this helps to de-stress the body.

Punching a bag also requires some amount of concentration and coordination. Doing this repeatedly is good for your brain as it improves your eye-hand coordination. If done regularly, boxing can potentially make you more alert, sharper and focused.


Performing a cardio exercise like boxing on a regular basis will transform your health and improve your daily life. You will sleep better, recover faster and feel less exerted when you perform your daily activity. It is definitely worth taking up. Learn more about boxing and self-defense.

How dirty carpets can affect your health?

How dirty carpets can affect your health?

Before you secretly blame the baby for the dirty carpet, think first of the repercussions that could happen if the carpet remained uncleaned for a time. The worst case scenario is your kid getting some diseases for frolicking on a rug under your watch. Plus other reasons that may have come to your mind when thinking twice about getting that carpet cleaned. What could they possibly be?


Never underestimate dust when you live in the same house as that of people susceptible to asthma or other respiratory diseases. Yes. Including that person polite enough to get out of the house to smoke. The cigarette ashes may not have fallen on the carpet but other forms of dust have made it in your own home mostly to your carpet. And your kids don’t need to stomp angrily on them for other forms of dust to toss up and down the surface according to some friends working at


Cats and dogs don’t always sleep or hang around your sofa set when there are rugs for them to lay around. Then some fur falls on the surface of the carpet and be a risk to anyone susceptible to respiratory diseases or skin irritation. Sure. Your own family may be somewhat immune to both. But having guests suddenly makes that risk applicable to them. Sometimes, you only discover how you, your spouse or your own kids have skin allergies traced to animal fur the moment fur is not sucked out of the carpet. The worst case scenario then is you forego the pet because none in the household can vacuum the carpet clean or nobody does something to fix it.


Odor becomes tolerable until you realize how you develop nasal allergies as your immune system’s reaction to the foul smell coming from an uncleaned carpet. Most of the time this is related to fur since shedding fur on the carpet leads to the odor getting shed on the rug as well. It’s one issue that vacuuming alone can’t fix. Babies like to play on these rugs whatever their smell may be and soon enough, your own baby smelled like the same carpet you’re having issues with odor. Bad odor plus dust sticking to the baby’s skin just exposed your dear child to both respiratory and skin diseases.

Just when you thought dirty carpets don’t affect your health that much, diseases come up either on your part or any member of the family. When cleaning any items found in your household, think of who could possibly benefit from the clean, neat surroundings within your own home. So learning innovative ways to clean your carpets and rugs come more effective the moment you think of what diseases are prevented just by getting rid of all that dirt and grime. Prevention is still better than cure. In case some issues persist despite regular, consistent cleanliness, contact our friends at and see which options fit your budget and schedule best.

4 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

4 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

If your level of consistency with your workout schedule has been going downhill of late, you might want to consider the need to get a workout buddy. A workout buddy could either be a professional trainer or someone who is experienced or even a friend who you can count on to be very strict when you’re slacking and is also willing enough to stick to a fitness regiment. The thing you should know about working out is that if it is not consistent, it is more or less like a waste of time so having a workout buddy who would remind you to be consistent. Apart from this, there are other benefits of having a workout buddy, some of them are:

  • A workout buddy would make working out fun

While you might enjoy working out alone, working out with someone can be a lot of fun, you get to interact, laugh, motivate each other, enjoy the session and even learn. If your workout sessions are fun, sooner or later, instead of cringing at the thought of participating, you find yourself actually looking forward to it and over time develop a sense of commitment to the activity

  • A competitive workout buddy makes it better

Competition makes you perform better. To have a workout buddy, you must make sure that person is better and more serious than you are, this way, during workout sessions, you try to catch up with them and before you know it, your workout sessions are also becoming a walk in the park.

  • A workout buddy would support you

A workout buddy, better than anyone else would be interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even if at the moment, your workout buddy is not following the same diet as you are, you can count on him or her to support you and keep you in line when you stray.

Another form of support that a workout buddy can render is to motivate you to try new workout exercises, push you past your limit, make you open to new workout routines and all in all, increasing the quality of your workout which would, in turn, reflect in your form and level of commitment to the routine. With a workout buddy, you can set goals you want to meet and let them monitor your progress rate.

  • A workout buddy can ensure you’re safe

During particularly difficult workout sessions, you can always count on your buddy to be there for you. For example, if you have to lift weights and for some reason, you overestimate your abilities and carry more weights than you can handle, you can count on your workout buddy to come to your aid before you injure yourself.

There are so many other benefits that come with having a workout buddy so it is important to find one that you like, one who is looking to achieve the same thing that you want to achieve exercise wise and most importantly, one who is committed and looking to get better.

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How to get fit with kickboxing classes

How to get fit with kickboxing classes

The kickboxing has a lot of significance among the workouts to get better agility, power, and balance. It emphasizes powerful improvements unlike the other types of exercises. The training of kickboxing is based on kneeing and kicking a pad someone else is holding, hitting a punching bag over and over again, repetitive movement and short bouts.

There can be great advantages of the periods of activity if you go through the research on high-intensity interval training. According to a research of healthy men in their 20s who trained for 5 weeks (3 days per week), the kickboxing has been shown to improve agility, flexibility, power, and fitness. Even in the most extreme situations, this sport can also improve coordination. Take a look at some useful benefits of getting kickboxing classes for the desired body shape.

  • The improvement in dual-tasking activities, mobility and balance are assured due to the strong neuromuscular control in people with the disease.
  • The older adults also get numerous benefits of learning kickboxing for the lifetime.
  • The two types of balance required by the body are improved through kickboxing. These are called reactive and anticipatory.
  • The muscle weakness or risk of falls can also be reduced with the kickboxing.
  • When one is stabilizing himself to reach up into the cupboard, the anticipatory balance is something you use in case of seeing a need coming.
  • Many types of injuries can be avoided if you are fully trained with kickboxing.

Your neuromuscular system may not be tuned to handle the kind of dynamic motion required for sports if your workout routine relies on yoga, running or lifting weights. The common strains among kickboxers are in the shoulder, hip, knee or back. It is important to ease into kickboxing gradually if you are a beginner. This is always required to have a physical therapist or trainer if you’ve some other limitation or a bad knee. They must be familiar with introducing it in a systematic and controlled way and adapting a kickboxing program as well.

Apart from learning the various forms of kickboxing, there is a strict diet plan that is important to follow as well. Things to make the part of your daily diet are fruit, cottage cheese, peanut butter, apple, greek yogurt with fruit, banana etc. everything that is rich in protein must be taken to keep yourself fit and active. The eggs, nuts, and seeds also play a vital role to yield extra energy while learning the kickboxing.

One needs to eat well and increase their stamina and energy for the unforgettable experience of the entire learning process. Then, pay the attention to learn it thoroughly. You must not be diagnosed with any disease (that can cause a serious health issue in the future). This is an important condition to become part of the kickboxing training. The deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, protein or iron also make the way harder to learn kickboxing. Give full nutrition to your body and then think about it.

Five Common Health Myths Debunked

Five Common Health Myths Debunked

There’s so much information that you’re likely to hear or rather be given regarding different health conditions in the name of health advice. Well, some of the health advice you were given might be dubious and not the truth. Many people are often confused on the right thing to do as a result of receiving conflicting information. Here are common health myths that could be misleading you today.

Vegan Diets are always good for your Health

What do you think? Sounds true, right? Well, understand that plants usually don’t produce cholesterol and your body only gets it from animal products like fat. Now, taking a pure vegan diet would mean depriving the body of cholesterol which plays a crucial role in the body’s biochemical processes like testosterone production, synthesis of vitamin D, and production of bile. Cholesterol should, however, not be taken in copious amounts. One should, therefore, focus on taking a balanced diet with adequate nutrients for good health.

Being Cold Gives you a Cold

Historically, people assumed that one would catch a cold by being cold. Now, the idea that you’ll catch cold as a result of being exposed to cold temperatures doesn’t have scientific evidence and is a myth. Exposure to cold viruses known as “rhinoviruses” is what results in a cold. These viruses get to your body through the nose before they’re trapped in mucus.

Drink eight Glasses of Water Every Day

You might have heard this from a friend, a parent or some speaker somewhere. While your body needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, there’s no need to count the number of glasses you’re taking. The CDC simply says “drinking enough water daily is good for overall health.” Sounds ambiguous right? Research has shown that taking a glass of water whenever you feel thirsty will still keep your body healthy and hydrated. While the average person needs about 2.5 liters of water per day, it’s important to note that the foods and other drinks you take contribute to your fill. However, people living in hot climatic areas or whose urine is dark yellow might be required to drink more water.

Antiperspirant Causes Breast Cancer

There’s some information out there linking underarm deodorants and antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, there’s no established relationship between the two or any evidence showing the use of deodorants can result in breast cancer. It’s, however, been found that antiperspirants and deodorants usually end up in breast tissues thereby making tumors more likely.

You can Avoid Appendicitis by Exercising only an Hour after Meals

Maintaining a regular exercise routine is good for your body’s overall health. However, the idea that exercise can help you avoid appendicitis by causing rapid churning of food in the small and large intestines is a myth. Most people believe that food particles can get lodged in the appendix, thereby resulting in appendicitis. Scientific research has proposed that this condition is caused by allergic reactions, viral infection, and low fiber diets.