How dirty carpets can affect your health?

How dirty carpets can affect your health?

Before you secretly blame the baby for the dirty carpet, think first of the repercussions that could happen if the carpet remained uncleaned for a time. The worst case scenario is your kid getting some diseases for frolicking on a rug under your watch. Plus other reasons that may have come to your mind when thinking twice about getting that carpet cleaned. What could they possibly be?


Never underestimate dust when you live in the same house as that of people susceptible to asthma or other respiratory diseases. Yes. Including that person polite enough to get out of the house to smoke. The cigarette ashes may not have fallen on the carpet but other forms of dust have made it in your own home mostly to your carpet. And your kids don’t need to stomp angrily on them for other forms of dust to toss up and down the surface according to some friends working at


Cats and dogs don’t always sleep or hang around your sofa set when there are rugs for them to lay around. Then some fur falls on the surface of the carpet and be a risk to anyone susceptible to respiratory diseases or skin irritation. Sure. Your own family may be somewhat immune to both. But having guests suddenly makes that risk applicable to them. Sometimes, you only discover how you, your spouse or your own kids have skin allergies traced to animal fur the moment fur is not sucked out of the carpet. The worst case scenario then is you forego the pet because none in the household can vacuum the carpet clean or nobody does something to fix it.


Odor becomes tolerable until you realize how you develop nasal allergies as your immune system’s reaction to the foul smell coming from an uncleaned carpet. Most of the time this is related to fur since shedding fur on the carpet leads to the odor getting shed on the rug as well. It’s one issue that vacuuming alone can’t fix. Babies like to play on these rugs whatever their smell may be and soon enough, your own baby smelled like the same carpet you’re having issues with odor. Bad odor plus dust sticking to the baby’s skin just exposed your dear child to both respiratory and skin diseases.

Just when you thought dirty carpets don’t affect your health that much, diseases come up either on your part or any member of the family. When cleaning any items found in your household, think of who could possibly benefit from the clean, neat surroundings within your own home. So learning innovative ways to clean your carpets and rugs come more effective the moment you think of what diseases are prevented just by getting rid of all that dirt and grime. Prevention is still better than cure. In case some issues persist despite regular, consistent cleanliness, contact our friends at and see which options fit your budget and schedule best.