Five Common Health Myths Debunked

There’s so much information that you’re likely to hear or rather be given regarding different health conditions in the name of health advice. Well, some of the health advice you were given might be dubious and not the truth. Many people are often confused on the right thing to do as a result of receiving conflicting information. Here are common health myths that could be misleading you today.

Vegan Diets are always good for your Health

What do you think? Sounds true, right? Well, understand that plants usually don’t produce cholesterol and your body only gets it from animal products like fat. Now, taking a pure vegan diet would mean depriving the body of cholesterol which plays a crucial role in the body’s biochemical processes like testosterone production, synthesis of vitamin D, and production of bile. Cholesterol should, however, not be taken in copious amounts. One should, therefore, focus on taking a balanced diet with adequate nutrients for good health.

Being Cold Gives you a Cold

Historically, people assumed that one would catch a cold by being cold. Now, the idea that you’ll catch cold as a result of being exposed to cold temperatures doesn’t have scientific evidence and is a myth. Exposure to cold viruses known as “rhinoviruses” is what results in a cold. These viruses get to your body through the nose before they’re trapped in mucus.

Drink eight Glasses of Water Every Day

You might have heard this from a friend, a parent or some speaker somewhere. While your body needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, there’s no need to count the number of glasses you’re taking. The CDC simply says “drinking enough water daily is good for overall health.” Sounds ambiguous right? Research has shown that taking a glass of water whenever you feel thirsty will still keep your body healthy and hydrated. While the average person needs about 2.5 liters of water per day, it’s important to note that the foods and other drinks you take contribute to your fill. However, people living in hot climatic areas or whose urine is dark yellow might be required to drink more water.

Antiperspirant Causes Breast Cancer

There’s some information out there linking underarm deodorants and antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, there’s no established relationship between the two or any evidence showing the use of deodorants can result in breast cancer. It’s, however, been found that antiperspirants and deodorants usually end up in breast tissues thereby making tumors more likely.

You can Avoid Appendicitis by Exercising only an Hour after Meals

Maintaining a regular exercise routine is good for your body’s overall health. However, the idea that exercise can help you avoid appendicitis by causing rapid churning of food in the small and large intestines is a myth. Most people believe that food particles can get lodged in the appendix, thereby resulting in appendicitis. Scientific research has proposed that this condition is caused by allergic reactions, viral infection, and low fiber diets.