How to Prevent Injuries During Relocation

Moving is daunting, no matter how active your lifestyle is. You pick up a box and there, you’re done for the next week. Your muscle pull slows you down, leaving you frustrated at your inability to move around; let alone move the house.

Worst case scenario: you get a muscle injury, or a hairline fracture greets you when you trip over an unknown fatality. But a few tricks up your sleeve will save you from the trouble. Prevention is better than cure. Here are a few tips from professionals from Escondido moving company who do the job daily:

Pack smart:

Ever noticed in the movies how a single man is moving the boxes to the truck? That’s because medium-sized boxes are easy to carry and handle. Pack a mixture of heavy and light objects that makes the box easily portable. This provides comfort to you and the movers regardless of where the boxes need to go; to the other room, to the other floor, to the other house.

Clear your way:

One thing that usually happens is all the stuff from the cupboards and wardrobe ends up on the floor. You dive into packing or walk down the memory lane when suddenly a phone call wakes you up. You jump on your feet and run, only to trip over a screwdriver.

It happens a lot. So, before you even start, always clear your way. It will not only save you but your family too.

Save your body:

  • Knee or foot injury:

Saving the pinkie toe from the corners has been an impossible feat to pull off. However, wearing carpet shoes or socks takes care of that to a certain amount. Secondly, don’t pick what you can’t. Leave the heavy stuff for professional movers. Why? If you can’t hold it any longer, accidentally dropping it on your feet can cause an unimaginable amount of pain from the fracture and bruises.

  • Paper cuts and scrapes:

Wear layers of clothes. No matter how hot it is, try to wear jeans and full-sleeved shirts. So, in case you do end up rubbing your skin with unknown textures, the friction won’t scrape your skin. Additionally, if blood makes you feel squeezy, wear paper tape around your fingers. It helps while packing boxes.

  • Backache:

“I didn’t hurt my back and I went to work the very next day,” is a dream everyone wishes but backaches phantom us to bed. Google how to lift heavy objects while keeping the spine and leg posture in mind. This helps a great deal during the strenuous times.

  • Muscle Cramps/Sprains:

Keep your body hydrated. During the unusual physical activities, the body tends to lose more water content and it becomes prone to muscle sprains more than usual

In case you can’t get rid of any pain in your body, consult a physician right away.

Celebrate your Move:

But before you do, take some time out for your body. It has exerted more than usual. Do some warm-up exercises for at least 15 minutes daily. At last but not least, have a cup of chamomile tea before hitting the bed. You would be grateful for the much-needed, peaceful nap that follows this small routine. Best of luck with your moving adventure!